To serve as a mentor for the Evergreen Foundation Scholarship Program, I agree to the following:


1                    與受輔導的學生每年度至少通信兩次.年度終結前向基金會提供一份報告,列述受輔導的學生一年來的進步情況,并隨 時建議值得關注的事項.

As the student’s mentor, I shall correspond with the assigned student(s) no less than 2 times during the year. At the end of the year, I shall provided a report of the student progress to Evergreen and alert the program director at Evergreen of any development concerning the student that I deem significant.


2                    輔導人的任務是在學生成長過程中引導他們對學褶的興趣并幫助他們進步,將避免談論一切涉及政治或宗教的話題

The purpose of mentorship is to provide guidance appropriate for a student interested in character development and academic achievement. I agree to avoid any discussion of a political or religious nature.


3                    與受輔導的學生不得有財物上的來往、承諾或擔保.

As the student’s mentor, I will not enter into any financial transaction(s) or sponsorship agreement(s) with the student.



海外輔導員計劃對于學生意義深長,學生不需要擔心入學費用,更有個關心他,引導他的精神 導師。青樹為他們點燃希望之光,也為他們美好的未來種下善因。

Receiving the warmth of concern and guidance from an individual so far away is extremely important to our students. Please become a mentor by filling out the enclosed form.


  輔導人姓名Name:     中文Chinese ________________ 英文English____________________________  

通訊地址Address: ____________________________________________________________________


Tel:  住宅Home  ___________________________ 公司Work: ____________________________

傳真 Fax ___________________  電子郵件Email:__________________________________________

教育程度Education:______________________ 職業Profession:_______________________________

簽名Signature ____________________________ 日期Date _____________________________

Please mail the completed form to:

The Evergreen Education Foundation  

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Email: info@evergreeneducation.org                  phone: 415-602-4754             fax: 510-234-3668


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