Appreciation Letter From TongWei County Library

Hello everyone !

First, we would like to thank Evergreen Foundation for its support and help in recent years.

In 2009, during the Fourth National Assessment of Public Libraries in China, Tongwei Library achieved good results, and it was promoted to the second tier on the library ratings in China . This news was posted on the "Chinese Culture Newspaper". There are 98 village libraries in Gansu Province. Three were promoted to the first tier, and six to the second tier. Our library was the only one that was promoted to the second tier among all the libraries in the seven villages around the town of Dingxi. The original library of Dingxi demoted from the second tier to the third tier.

There are two major reasons that helped us move up to the second tier. One of the reasons was that we had developed automation management. The other one was because we had developed information services. Both of the operations were supported, helped and guided by the Evergreen Foundation.

During the assessment, our hardwork had drew the attention of the evaluation team, and they were very surprised at our results.

To be a village library in a financially underdeveloped area, we not only have a certain number of computers, but we also applied automation management. Now we have 30000 bibliographic data , and 50% of the Chinese books are digitized. We even shared all the resources with The Tongwei First High School. The bibliographic data of the Tongwei First High School can be searched from the computer at the Tongwei village library. The two sites exchanged their books regularly. Our Library has been in the forefront of automation management in Gansu.

Secondly, we used various ways to develop information services. For instance, we established a biogas production project, and we wrote a "Tongwei Biogas Manual" to promote this new venture to the surrounding villages. We also created Energy Conservation Essay Contest among the students.

The third important task was that we developed a local video channel to emphasize the importance of oral hygiene among the young audience. In the program, we talked about the methods of protecting one's teeth. We also organized activities that gave away free toothbrush and toothpaste to promote the dental hygiene routines, and the results were outstanding.

The fourth was that our vision was ahead of its time.

In recent years, our library not only have received Evergreen's help to meet our material needs, but we have also learned the most current philosophies in how to manage a library and how to provide information services efficiently from Evergreen's annual conferences. We will certainly continue our good job, and we will establish a better Tonwei Library in the future.

On this special time of Chinese New Year, The Tongwei Library and all its employees would like to thank the Evergreen Foundation and its respectful members, especially the Chairwoman, Ms. Faith Chao.

Let's wish:

Information will be always flowing, and the Evergreens will be always growing.

Wish all of you to have a Joyous New Year, Excellent Health, Happy Family and Prosperous Career




通渭縣圖書館在2009年度進行的全國第四次公共圖書館評估定級中,取得了良好的成績,晉升為國家二級圖書館,元月23日《中國文化報》上已公示。 甘肅省98家地縣級圖書館進入一級館的有3家,二級館的有6家,而我們定西市七縣區僅通渭縣圖書館一家進入國家二級館,原來的定西市安定區圖書館由二級館 降為三級館。



一是在我縣這樣一個經濟欠發達地區的縣級公共圖書館,不但擁有一定數量的計算機,而且業務實現了自動化管理,目前有書目數據30000條,館藏中文 圖書書目數字化達50%,甚至於還和通渭一中圖書館實現了資源共享,通渭一中圖書室的書目數據在縣圖書館的電腦上進行檢索。雙方圖書定期互換。自動化管理 水平遠遠走在了全省的前列。










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