You can choose to donate online via PayPal or mail us a check.  If you are donating for a gift for securities or other assets, or would like to donate in the name of a special cause, or enclosing your employer's matching contribution form, please contact us @415-602-4754 or info@evergreeneducation.org

Sponsor a Student Donate >>

Evergreen Scholarship Program commits to providing financial support to excellent rural students who cannot afford their high school education. Many Evergreen donors also choose to volunteer and become mentors, to provide students with much‐needed advices for their studies and personal lives as a trustworthy guide and friend.

Fund a Training Program Donate >>

Evergreen Education Foundation organizes workshop or international conference each year, for capacity building of the educators and librarians. The workshops, each costs about US$30,000 and provides systematic training. The conferences, each costs US$50,000 to $60,000 and introduces participants to a broader view and a bigger network.

US$300 gives one teacher/librarian attendance. US$500 sponsors an instructor/invited speaker.  Other amounts donated to general funding covers costs, which include venue, equipment, stationery, printing, etc. of these events.

Support a Library Program Donate >>

Evergreen Library Information Literacy Program focuses on updating school and public libraries in rural China, to enhance education and promote information literacy.

  • Books: Rural libraries have pressing needs for books to expand their collection. US$500 buys about 250 books for a satellite library; US$2,000 buys about 1000 books for a central library.
  • Library Information Management System: To improve library basic services of readership and circulation.  US$4,500 automates one rural library for equipment such as computers, printers, bar code scanners, management software, and training.
  • Library Services: Small projects assist librarians/teachers/students in practicing inquiry-based and collaborative learning within a single library; Extended projects provides services of extended scale and depth across libraries in a cluster. Initiatives are also launched as pilots in libraries to develop new library services. US$850 supports a small project and US$10,000 supports an extended project.

Liching Yu Fund Donate Donate >>

We, at the Evergreen Education Foundation are deeply saddened by the August 2017 passing of our co-founder Liching Yu (喻丽清). We are announcing the Liching Yu Fund (喻丽清基金)which will be used in her memory to fund her most passionate charity interests beginning in 2017 with scholarships. Evergreen will seed the Liching Fund with $10,000 USD from the foundation's general funds.

Evergreen Education Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity registered in California, United States. Registration number 68-0474814.