Teacher Development Program Impact

More often than not "The person who made a difference in my life" is a teacher. We honor these teachers and provide programs so that they can improve the lives of the youth of the community; thereby helping to build their communities for future generations.

Evergreen Education Foundation sponsors 80 to 100 rural educators and librarians every year to attend training workshops or international conferences.

The Foundation has held 8 training workshops, which provided our teachers and librarians the systematic training they need. Also, the workshops provide an important platform for effective learning through reflection and exchange information and ideas. As part of the workshops, participants have opportunities to combine theory and methodology inputs with field practices.

Evergreen has co-hosted 6 International ITIE (Information Technology in Education) conferences, which provided rural educators and librarians with high value opportunities to communicate and exchange information on methodology, best practices, innovative ideas and development trends with international educators, library professionals and researchers.

The Foundation also organized 1 study tour of 30 teachers/librarians to libraries and educational/cultural institutions in Taiwan. For participants, experiencing an outstanding study tour is the most effective way to lead the library on the path to excellence.

Over the years, Evergreen's rural teachers/librarians have co-authored with researcher volunteers 17 academic papers, and presented them at well-established international conferences such as IFLA , IASL, or published them in international peer-review journals such as Library Trends.

Inspired and capable educators and librarians bring invaluable positive impacts to rural society, as they are the ones who operate libraries, teach generations of children, and deliver information literacy to students and local community. 

“We realized that as long as we put readers first priority and try our best to serve their needs, the future of the library is full of hope“.

- Library Director of Kaili No. 1 High School, Long Mei


Evergreen Education Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity registered in California, United States. Registration number 68-0474814.