Evergreen Education Foundation initiates long term endeavors to address certain educational needs that are prevalent, prominent, pressing and common across different rural regions. An initiative usually involves a pilot project by Foundation in collaboration with one or more Evergreen libraries, to gain experience, learn lessons, assess feasibility, and define the project scope. Approved initiatives are promoted to Evergreen network libraries to incorporate into their subsequent applied projects. The knowledge and resources accumulated serve as a platform to support and guide Evergreen libraries. Evergreen Education Foundation thus helps rural libraries to develop services that are relevant and of value, and raise capacity of librarians and educators.

Oral History and Local Culture Studies

Evergreen supports oral history and local culture studies projects in order to trace back family history and community history, and preserve indigeous knowledge and local culture heritage in libraries. Oral history projects encourage students interview local ordinary people, record history of loved ones, and preserve family and hometown memories.

Science in the Library

Science in the Library initiative emphasizes getting rural High School students interested in Science and Technology education.  Evergreen supports many science and technology based topics with our Small Projects program, where schools propose and submit student and faculty programs. Our 2016 ITIE conference has a Makerspace theme to promote putting Makerspaces into rural schools and libraries. Evergreen has developed special projects such as the solar lamp learning kit to introduce rural schools to hands-on electricity and energy learning. 

Community ICT Training

Community ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Training project aims to nurture the awareness, access and usage of ICT through the Evergreen network of libraries, to help improve digital literacy and combat digital inequality in rural communities.

Health Education and Information Literacy

Healthcare is a critical element in alleviating poverty worldwide and China is no exception. Health Education projects target the development of health information literacy skills in students and rural residents so that they develop awareness and knowledge of community health issues. Health Information Literacy is defined as the ability to obtain, process, and understand basic information and services needed to make appropriate decisions regarding health.


Evergreen Education Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity registered in California, United States. Registration number 68-0474814.