The ITIE2004 International Conference is a gathering of educators, librarians, and leaders from the information technology industry who are interested in the use of information technology in education within various academic disciplines as well as comparison of teaching practices between western and eastern cultures.

The mission of the conference is to promote the exchange of ideas and sharing of practical experience in using information technology in basic and higher education between librarians, teachers, and educators in China, other Asian countries, and the West. It is aimed to bring in different cultural perspectives on instructional/curricular design with technological components and pedagogical techniques from different educational traditions.

Hosted by Evergreen Education Foundation, Beijing 80th High School, and China Evergreen Rural Library Service Center

Organizing Committee:

  • Honorary Chair: Tu Weiming, Director of Harvard-Yenching Institute, Harvard University
  • Fan Bai, SinoLanguages and Evergreen Foundation
  • Cecilia Chu., University of California, Berkeley
  • Janice Carter, Golden Gate University
  • Faith Chao, Golden Gate University and Evergreen Foundation
  • Grace Chao, Evergreen Foundation
  • Cathi Colin, Golden Gate University
  • Ruth Hafter, San Jose State University and Evergreen Foundation
  • Geoffrey Liu, San Jose State University and Evergreen Foundation
  • Peg McPartland, Golden Gate University
  • Dongfang Shao, Stanford University
  • Blanche Woolls, San Jose State University and Evergreen Foundation


Invited Keynotes:

Philip Friedman
Web Technology & the Economics of Higher Education in the U.S.

Daniel W. Fuller
Information Technology in Education: Learning from a Digital School District

Shao Dongfang
Library and Information Services in Higher education: A Stanford Case


Panel Discussion:

IBM's points of view on 'IT in Education'

Ms. Qiu Xiao Ping
Manager, IBM University Relations Department, Greater China Group


Construct Knowledge and Nurture Creativity
---Case Studies of Modern IT Education Methods

Eugene Zhang
General Manager of Semia Technology Limited


Ben Ye
Founder and Chief Executive Officer of V2 Technology Inc




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