Library Information Literacy Program

We believe that school libraries and public/community libraries are the best venue and vehicle to promote information literacy of the youth and the community. Libraries aim to provide communities with equitable, open, inclusive, and personalized information service and a warm, stimulating, and safe learning environment for their target populations. Over the years, Evergreen Library Information Literacy Program has assisted updating school and public libraries in nine provinces in underdeveloped areas of China.

To promote the Library Information Literacy Program, we assist libraries to:

  • develop an appropriate collection profile that fits the community;
  • automate the library operations and management;
  • provide innovative library services.

Libraries can use one of the following platforms for service innovation:


  • Small projects, usually operated within one library, have proved to be an effective way to experiment innovative library services. For school libraries, small projects are used by school librarians and teachers to explore innovative learning strategies and pedagogy. For public/community libraries, small projects are used to experiment new community service design.
  • Extended projects, on the other hand, involve collaboration between libraries in one region to provide services with a broader impact upon people in a region. These projects require joint effort of libraries in an area, often times across public/community libraries and school libraries, to meet diversified community educational needs in livelihood, culture , health care, and ICT.

Evergreen Education Foundation initiates long term endeavors to address certain educational needs that are prevalent, prominent, pressing and common across different rural regions, and to nurture 21-Century learning skills.


Evergreen Education Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity registered in California, United States. Registration number 68-0474814.