Catherine (Cathy) Kyong Ponce Scholarship

Catherine (Cathy) Kyong Ponce was born and raised in Shanghai in 1940. She was able to leave Shanghai and studied in Taiwan through the efforts of her father and uncle. After graduating from the school of Medicine at the National University of Taiwan in 1967, she spent one year training in Pediatrics and left for St. John, New Foundland in Canada, where she spent two years of internship in internal medicine. Cathy started at the I.W.K. Children's Hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1968 where she spent four years training with the last year spent on children's infectious disease. She was the most outstanding intern during these years at the hospital and was much loved and admired by the staff, trainers, nurses, other interns and patients.

In 1973, Cathy completed her pediatric training and passed both Canadian and US Pediatric Board tests. Her training in Immunology began at this time at the Albany Medical Center where she worked on bone marrow transplants. The next year, 1974, Cathy receive d a fellowship at the University of Charleston in South Carolina, were she spent two years training in Pediatric Infectious disease and Immunology and was promoted first to an instructorship then to assistant professor and, before she left south Carolina, to an associate professorship.

Cathy followed her then future husband, Bruce Ponce, a professor in natural sciences, whom she met at the University of Charleston, to san Francisco in 1984. She spent the remainder of her life in San Francisco working as a private consultant in Pediatric Infectious Disease and Immunology. Cathy was listed as one of the top physicians in the USA for the past fifteen years, an outstanding and rare achievement. She was affectionately known in the medical community as the most outstanding medical detective of the San Francisco bay area.


11020204 Ningning Niu is a student from Gan Su Tongwei no. 1 School. She has a single parent as her mother has left. She is good at Math and Engligh.

11030101 Linlin Gong is from Shanxi Danfeng Middle School. She loves reading, drawing and outdoor exercises (eg. Hiking, jogging, badminton, fishing).

11030105 Yuan Wang is from Shanxi Danfeng Middle School. She is shy and excellent in English. One of her dream is traveling around the world in the future.

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