The programs of Evergreen Education Foundation focus on developing rural school and community libraries, capacity building of educators and librarians, and helping passionate yet financially disadvantaged rural students to secure education opportunities.

In accordance with government education policy changes, as Foundation constituents grow along the Information Literacy curve, Evergreen brings higher value education opportunities to match constituents' demand for more advanced literacy and for creativity with relevance to their communities. These opportunities include inquiry learning projects that educators guide students to accomplish; collaboration between educators and researchers to present papers in International Forums; thematic conferences partnering with Chinese libraries and educational institutions, where educators, librarians, NGO practitioners from China and other countries present their program outcomes and research findings. Evergreen believes that these higher value opportunities reach much broader rural areas with greater impact than well established programs.

Our programs are evolving to catch up with fast changing students/community needs, based on our growing understanding of needs as well as experiences we have accumulated in the process. Currently the Foundation runs the following programs:

  • Library Information Literacy Program: Developing rural libraries. We assist partner libraries to automate the library circulation and management, build the library collection, and innovate library services. We select, fund, and guide locally initiated library service projects, which include outcome-based design, evaluation and learning through reflection. Among various service themes, we have selected several prevalent and pressing ones as our long-term initiatives for the focus of our training and support.

  • Scholarship Program: To make sure that passionate young learners aren’t left out due to unfavorable financial conditions, Evergreen provides scholarships for qualified high school students, assigns mentors to each student to give them guidance and moral support, and encourages them to give back through voluntary service in the school library.
  • Teacher Development Program: Building skills, abilities and knowledge of educators and librarians. Each year we organize an international conference or a workshop for rural educators and librarians. We also hold additional study tours for rural teachers and librarians to learn about library best practices and the underlying ideas. Our rural teachers and librarians have co-authored academic papers with our scholar/researcher volunteers and presented these papers at international conferences, or published them in international peer-review journals.


Evergreen Education Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity registered in California, United States. Registration number 68-0474814.