Scholarship Program


Evergreen Education Foundation is committed to providing financial support to promising rural high school students, who have excellent academic achievements but are in financially challenging situation. Evergreen recognizes their important achievements and hard work to success. Along with their personal growth, we encourage students to pursue their dreams and benefit their society.

Evergreen Scholarship Students are high school students recommended by their school teachers and evaluated by the Evergreen Overseas Evaluation group based on their application information. Every year students, who have received awards, are re-evaluated according to their yearly report and feedback from mentors, teachers and site visitors.


When sponsoring a student, many of our donors choose to continuously support an individual until the student finishes high-school or vocational school. When these young people get admitted to colleges and undergraduate schools, our donors also choose to continue funding them for the first two years in university, so that these students are able to focus on their studies.

Over the time, the friendship between some donors/volunteers and Evergreen continues a powerful bond. Their family/friends set up special scholarship funds with Evergreen to carry out their wishes and dreams of providing educational opportunities to many more students

In addition to financial aid, many Evergreen donors also chose to be a mentor. As a trustworthy guide and friend, a mentor communicates with the students on a regular basis, providing much-needed advices for their studies and personal lives.

The scholarships and the mentoring program make a difference in students' lives and in many cases, their whole families. Please check out success stories of some of the Evergreen students.

Join us to encourage and unleash the potential of our students by making your donation to the Evergreen Education student fund and/or volunteering as a mentor.

Evergreen Education Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity registered in California, United States. Registration number 68-0474814.