Small Projects

Small projects are important vehicles for teachers and librarians to improve their educational services. Projects are initiated and conducted locally with one year lifecycle, managed by Evergreen Education Foundation using Outcome Based Planning and Evaluation (OBPE) standards, which emphasize measureable outcomes as well as learning-by-doing process.

School library small projects assist librarians/teachers/students in teaching and learning, including the practice of inquiry-based and collaborative learning. For example, Growing Up with Reading (2014 Small Project) encouraged students to reflect on and show the relationship between reading and their growth by writing in flexible forms. Oral history and local cultural studies and Science in the Library are two main themes of inquiry-based learning with many examples. Public/Community library small projects are employed to nurture more community readers and develop information literacy services that help residents with livelihood, healthcare, environmental care, and cultural preservation and promotion, as well as other topics of special interest to community members. For example, Cultivating Reading Habit of Migrant Children (2013 Small Project) promoted family reading in the community of migrant workers in suburban Beijing by providing core readings, family reading guide, and a series of training workshops on both reading methods and early education theories. Community ICT Training and Health Education and Information Literacy are two main themes of community education services.

For more details, check out our yearly Small Projects report:


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