Small Projects 2010

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Evergreen Education Foundation selected 18 small projects from 8 libraries to sponsor and guide in 2010. Below is the list of the selected small projects:

Index Library Project Title Overview
1 Tongwei No. 1 High School, Gansu Collecting Tongwei Folk Customs Students collect folk customs of villages and towns in the local county, and build the Database of Tongwei Folk Customs. They also interpret the folk customs using library and Internet resources and compile a school-based textbook "Tongwei Folk Customs". Teachers and students use an online forum for discussion and exchange.
2 Tongwei No. 1 High School, Gansu Pleasure Park of Book Review With the guidance of teachers, the students select good readings, whether ancient or contemporary, Chinese or foreign. The students write book reviews. The teachers evaluate the book reviews and award the best ones.
3 Tongwei No. 1 High School, Gansu Tongwei Soil Analysis and Fertilization Guidance Students 1) collect the soil samples from villages of Tongwei County, build classified soil archive; 2) conduct a quantitative measurement of the organic content, water content, NPK content of soil using available equipments; 3) give suggestions about the types of crops to grow and fertilization based on the soil constituent data and biology knowledge.
4 Tongwei No. 1 High School, Gansu Looking for Answers To Questions in Life Students form groups and collect questions in life, including strange natural or scientific phenomena, puzzling problems, whimsical ideas in life. Student groups then collaborate and use library and Internet resources to find answers to these questions and write research reports.
5 Tongwei No. 1 High School, Gansu The Poetic Campus Sky Provide a platform of learning and exchange to the poem-lovers in teachers and students via reading Chinese and foreign poetic works, browsing poetry websites, create campus poetry forum, etc. In addition, The project team will host poetry seminars and reading party, compile and print poetry periodicals, also invite famous poets to review members' works and recommend good works for publication.
6 Tongwei Xichuan Agricultural Technology Park Book Station, Gansu Tongwei Ballad Band of the Farmers The project team sets up Tongwei Ballad Band with members from local farmers and amateurs, and perform for the community members. Encourage villagers to learn ballad singing, and appoint old ballad artists as the teachers. Collect scores of traditional ballads and compile them into books for publishing and publicizing. Also based on the tunes, compose new songs to publicize science & technology and ways to achieve prosperity.
7 HuaiAn No. 1 High School, Jiangsu Come Close to Lu Xun ---- I Love Reading The teacher guides the students to systematically read works by Lu Xun, including summarizing his works selected into the high school textbooks, learning about the history (background, the experience and motivation of the writer), watching movies adapted from his novels, expansion and comparison (between works of different times by Lu Xun, and between his works and works of the other writers of his times),student groups studying research topics about Lu Xun's works. All these will help the students to understand the writer and his works intensively and comprehensively.
8 HuaiAn No. 1 High School, Jiangsu
The Revolution Path of Modern China Via sorting out the historical facts, students study the explorations and thoughts to save the nation by the revolutionary forces in modern China. Students will analyze and synthesize the raw materials, interpret the causal relationship between the historical events, and write essays. These students will exchange with students from Chula-vista High School from California, US based on essays regarding the same topic.
9 Wende High School, Guizhou Development of Zhenyuan Local Geography Textbook The project team divides the Zhenyuan geography study into several sub-problems, including the research of natural environment, the research of minority cultures, the research of special tourism. Students collect materials from library and the Internet resources, perform field surveys, write research reports, and compile the reports into a local geography textbook with the guidance from the teachers.
10 Wende High School, Guizhou Scenic Zhenyuan Teachers and students collect photos and materials about Zhenyuan history and culture, folk customs, etc, also perform field surveys. They then organize and compile the materials into a book "Scenic Zhenyuan" in both Chinese and English, serving as a school-based English textbook.
11 Zhenhua Minority High School, Guizhou Study of Miao Minority Culture of Xijiang, Leishan Students select research topics on the Miao Minority Culture of Xijiang, Leishan, and look up materials via library and Internet, also perform field survey to conduct the research.
12 Zhenhua Minority High School, Guizhou Poetry in Campus Students learn poetry appreciation via library and Internet resources. Also through seminars by experts, poetry writing, poetry reading contest, etc., the poetic literacy of the students will be developed.
13 Danfeng High School, Shaanxi Partnership between Librarians and Teachers An initiative to form the partnership between librarians and teachers, including 4 sub-projects: "Come Close to Writers" and "Appreciating Tang and Song Poetry" sub-projects are collaboration with Literature teachers; "Study the Commonality and Difference between Natural Environments" and "Study the Relationship between Environmental Change and Human Activities" are collaboration with Geography teachers.
14 Danfeng High School, Shaanxi Hand-written Newspaper on Reading Students perform 4 theme readings (environment preservation, English study, historical figures and events, aerospace technology), compile and make hand-written newspaper to demonstrate and exchange reading reports.
15 Danfeng High School, Shaanxi Reading Guide The Reading Guide introduces reading methods, and guide two theme readings: works of Danfeng writer Pingwa Jia, and the centennial of the Revolution of 1911. It will then follow up with the demo and review of the selected reading essays.
16 Tongwei Public Library, Gansu "The Newspaper of Happy-reading Guide" Make "The Newspaper of Happy-reading Guide" for children, to recommend good readings and introduce reading methods. The contents of the newspaper include 4 parts, reading methods, book recommendation by the librarians, book recommendation by the readers, and selected reading essays for exchange.
17 Tongwei Public Library, Gansu Earthquake Disaster Prevention The library uses various ways including seminars, billboard publication, printing and distributing brochures to educate students, patrons, and community members about earthquake disaster prevention knowledge.
18 Datong No. 6 High School, Qinghai Recollect Memory of Hehuang Culture Students study the development of local Hehuang Culture, its impact on the life of the local people, its current status and problems via library and Internet resources and field survey.

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